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Use your dev skills to monetize your code

Publish your work on the Apify platform, attract people who need your solution, and get paid!

   How to get started?

  • Chat to our dev community on Discord
  • Read more about the program on Apify Blog
  • Save time and check our Docs

This January, I've reached a professional milestone by making over $1.5K with Apify's paid actors program 🚀 As both a freelancer and a software engineer of 15+ years, I’d choose Apify over all the other options.

Tuğkan Cengiz | Apify Freelancer


Publish your actor code on GitHub/Apify

Looking for inspiration? Check out ideas, industries, or Apify Store.


Publish the actor in Apify Console

Check our extensive documentation to learn what to do.


Set the rental price

Users will pay from their monthly Apify subscription.


Get paid monthly

You will receive monthly payments directly to your bank account.

These companies could be your customers:

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