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Google Maps Scraping Demo and Q&A Session

Check out the recording of our live demo and Q&A session to learn everything you ever wanted about scraping Google Maps.

Go from zero to hero in Google Maps scraping in 40 minutes

Check out our webinar recording to learn how to scrape Google Maps like a pro. 

In this session, Lukas Krivka, our biggest internal expert on Google Maps scraping, first introduces our Google Maps Scraper, discusses the limitations of Google Maps API, and then answers questions we have received about scraping Google Maps.

Whether you're a beginner or have some prior experience, this session is designed to equip you with the tips & tricks needed to master Google Maps scraping.


Lukas Krivka, Head of Delivery Engineering

Theo Vasillis, Content Producer & Editor (moderator of the webinar)


40 minutes

(10 minutes introduction + 30 minutes Q&A)


No prior experience is required, but we do recommend checking our existing tutorials before the webinar!

Try it for free! 

Start scraping Google Maps data now.